One of my laboratory friend came approached me..

she: 리카 (read: Rika), 리카, 리카…..I’m so HappY…

me: why????

she: because my *GC column already arrived…

*GC (Gas Chromatography) is one of the analysis instrument that we use in laboratory, e.g to check the presence of alcohol in a beverage. Column is one important part of the GC machine.

me: wooo thats cool, so u start to work again..

she: yes 리카… I’m happy..

me: (~~wtfffffff!!!!) smilling… 🙂


I was thinking that, how come she can be so happy because if that thing…?!!! First when she said happy in my thought was that somethin related with a man, or she is falling in love, or she got a prize,… but she is not, she is happy coz of GC column. okey I understand, I could be happy also if i were her, but not that “happY”, maybe I would just feel “okay, I have the equipment now, i can start to work again, oh no..start to work again..damn!.. :P”

So, Happy can be anything for everyone, different each other… something can be big for someone, but not for another. We have our own way to get happy. What ever it is we just wanna be happy right!!!!!

~~for me now, I will be very happy if i can publish a paper… maybe for you, it is not something that can make u happy. Or at least i can have the new lens for my camera…I would be soooooooooooo HappY! ;P

How bout yours?

-Be HappY-


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

5 thoughts on “HappY??”

  1. huahuahua..ketauan sapa yang niat kerja ama yang ga niat kerja 😛 huahuauha… ngekek gua bacanya 😛
    publish 1 paper happy karena publish ato karena bisa cepet2 kabur hihih 😛
    kayaknya kalo lensa tuh..baru loe beneran hepi..

    hmmm kalo daku…hmmm…kalo ada yang kasi D300 kali ya huahuahua *lirik2 tas loe :p*

  2. saat ini yg bikin gw girang ga keruan kayanya ktmu sm Mr.Misterius itu deh rik.. huhuuuu sampe skrg gw msh ngarep, pdhl gw ga tau bobot, bibit, bebet nih org.. aneh ya gw? bs jatuh cinta sm org ga jelas ginih

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