Brunch in Apgujeong

That sunday, I went out with a friend, Tanya just to hangout. Got news that there is famous pancake restaurant in Apgujeong area, name as Butterfinger pancake. We met at the subway around 11, then went trough the restaurant. From out side the place quite nice, and I could see quite many foreigner ate there. So it’s a brunch place.. there serve mostly breakfast things. But when we entered the place, a line there, we have to wait 30 minutes!!!!! Lucky I had little breakfast at home before. Then we decided to put Tanya on the list, then we figured out a coffee shop before..hahaha it’s kinda funny, we wanna go to breakfast restaurant but we had chocolate before on other place. After finished our hot chocolate we came back to the butterfinger, finally we got a table…

Yea..It’s sooooo western restaurant, the have things like pancakes, waffle, egg, bacon, mash potato…. etc.. no alcohol!!!!… I ordered maccheese, and orang juice, and Tanya got Butterfinger pancake set and orange juice also… Coz after hor chocolate I wasnt feel that much to eat other sweet dishes.

then…here there are..come the food, what a big breakfast for me…and the orange juice just like twice than other..all food taste good, I tasted Tanya’s pancake, and it was soooo good, soft, floppy, and not that sweet… next time i have to order that pancake!! but then both of us couldn’t finish our orange juice… that too muchhhh…


overall, the food was good, place was very nice, but too bad not enough place for people, so always there is line there..and one more thing the price is little bit above average…but I still wanna try the waffle complete with ice cream….wanna go with me??


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

2 thoughts on “Brunch in Apgujeong”

  1. aa me want me want hahaa *broken english:P*
    hmmm hmm how bout the price?? to hear the word apgujeong i feel like hmmm… *open up my wallet first :P*

    but anyway that looks delicious,especially the maccheese..noodle with cheese??? *curious*

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