I wanna travel again

After my trip to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), I feel that traveling can give so much fun. I wanna go again. Some of my things from Japan can be seen here. For me Tokyo is quite similar with Seoul, the modern city, but the subway is much more complicated ( I got lost for the first arrival in Tokyo subway). But Kyoto, I love it, maybe its because I’m kinda old fashion person..hihi, I like the traditional one compare to modern for sightseeing. Very traditional city, I wish I could meet geisha when I was there :(.

One of the tourism objects that I wanna tell is Kinkaku-ji, the golden pavilion. located in Kyoto about 30 min from Kyoto station. U can see the picture that I took here. Since I was child I always wanna go to Japan, to see the beautiful scenes and parks there. And it is.. beautiful (lucky when I was there, the weather wasn’t that cold compare to Seoul, even though it was winter, around 12 deg C). And I used to see this golden pavilion on the calendar picture, it’s kinda common picture for calendar I think. Like I said before, I had my dream to go there. Finally on that end of January 2009 I went there!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaa…. one of my childhood wish come true. I saw through my own eyes the pavilion that i used to see only on the calendar paper. Thank God.

But but, in Kyoto there are so many beautiful spots there, not only the pavilion. There is a beautiful Fushimi Inari shrine, it is a big temple with so many orange color pillars through the pathway, and it is located on a small mountain. It shamed that I came there only for 3 days, wish I could extend my stay :(. Hopefully I can go back there someday.s


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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