Lantern Festival

Buddha’s Birthday is the birthday of the Prince Siddhartha Gautama traditionally celebrated in East Asia on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, is an official holiday in South Korea.
In Korea, this day is called 석가탄신일 (Seokga tansinil), meaning "the day of Buddha’s birthday" or 부처님 오신 날 (Bucheonim osin nal) meaning "the day when Buddha arrived". Korean celebrate this day by holding lantern festival. Lotus lanterns cover the entire temple throughout the month, and big parade flooded on the street. Hanging wish paper into each lantern is one of the tradition in festival. This event also becomes famous attraction for tourists.

2,5 years I’ve been living in Korea, I experienced 3 times Lantern Festival. This festival always be one of the big festivals in Korea, which is held in Seoul. I also always excited to come to the event. In this event, we can learn to make lantern on the temple. Colorful, nice details, that is what I see from the lantern. We can also hear the korean traditional music folk and dance performance during the festival. On the evening, everyone join the parade on the street with thousands of colorful lanterns, with any shape, and any character. Usually the parade starts from Dongdaemun gate and will be end at Jonggak Intersection, where people celebrating big party there with lots of music, performances, and of course dancing together…me my self always joined the dancing part..:P And again, this experience will enrich me for knowing cultures that exist in this world, and alsooooooo my pictures collection. Here and here.


Author: RikaTY

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