Wedding act

Now I know, being model is not easy. It might be fun but… Maybe it is because I don’t like flash from camera…and well dress up, make up… fiuhhhhhhh…

2 days I was a model..well not a real model, that day someone from embassy asked me to be a Indonesian wedding model, traditional wedding..umm not really its already modified into the modern one. Put one heavy make up ( It took around 2 hours to put it), and that big complicated wedding dress… As far as I know, my wedding dress wasn’t that complicated and big, and luxurious like this :P.. Anyway… after that we (me n my friend Indri) presented Indonesian wedding dress on the Flower Exhibition in Ilsan park, Goyang city, South Korea.

For Korean people, this dress, make up..and all details are totally different from what they have. And Thank God, they like us, It is sometime that is so unique and beautiful. They wanna have picture with us :P.. and that is the thing that made my headache :P, flash flash… I could still feel flash everywhere after that days.  But It was quite fun, and being proud of my own country.. Indonesia.. can be so beautiful abroad…. If I have another chance to do that again, I would love to 😀



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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