I believe in every relationship, people can choose their best

The story

Do u think I’m crazy and stupid if I just stay together with him?

“Well, I can’t say.. u can say.. But I think u deserve to be happy.  Why u’r having relationship with mostly u’r hurted there..”

But I still wanna keep fighting for it, even his family keep ask me to be patient, and I don’t wanna dissapoint them.

“If u think u can fight for it, then just do it, if u think he would change, just follow what u feel. But u need to realize what between.. u need to see what u get, when ur having relationship in term of getting serious, then not only your heart should talk, u need to see the fact, let the fact talks also, and catch it.”

Few times I felt enough, but when I met his close people, that thing would be different, they built up back my confidence to stay with him, eventhough how hurt my feeling is… I feel cheated, dissapointed, and loose my trust on him.

“ummm.. do you still love him?”

I don’t know, maybe I just feel I don’t wanna be alone, I don’t know whether I’m ready to be alone without him. And again his family is too kind to me.

“Thing that I wanna say is, until know, he is still your companion, not even your fiance, and your relationship shouldn’t be any related with his family yet. It’s good to know that u know them and vice versa, but still both of u who own the relationship, not u with them. There shouldn’t be any interfere from any body. Both of u who decide where to go.”

Yes, I know that. But I think I might wanna try it again.

“What ever it is, I support u always, just be in mind, u can choose your own happines.”

Few months later

I think I can’t bear him.

“U know what to do.”

It hurts me alot, so much, I feel stupid! But U know what, I told him I could’t accept it anymore, but he put all his madness after me. Then he said, it’s better to be over. And I said “ok!”.

“U know what best for u, and u deserve to get.”

I know God knows the good for me.

“*I’m relieve….U should happy dear friend”



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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