A story from my Japan trip

There was a day when I had lunch with my friend who studies on Tokyo University.  I went to Tokyo University to visit him and the place and had lunch together on campus cafetaria. Big cafetaria, loud, crowded… clean enough. We had our own pan, choosed he food, and pay, just like other student cafetaria.

There was a part of place where we can get spoon, fork, ketchup or sauce and othe compliments. I and my friend were busy on that part. An old woman (maybe around late 50-ish) also was there. Grabbed some stuff next to my friend, and accidentally she grazed him and dropped a little amount of soup  water on the flour. The grey pinned-hair woman kept saying sorry (in Japanese) so many times to my friend, and he kept saying “it’s ok”. My heart was touched with the old woman, she’s very old compare to me and my friend but respect us more than I expected.Then the old woman went to to choosed one table and put her food pan.

I was still there, still busy with spoon, fork, coz I wasn’t familiar with the detail on that compliments part. I was surprised.. the old woman came back from her table with few tissue papers on her hand. And she cleaned up the floor from her soup!!!!.. OMG… the floor, with so many shoes came across, and she still wanna clean it up because of small amount of her soup….. I was touched for the second time!! I hearted!! I think this is the first time I saw old woman do things like this, coz so far I always got the image of old woman being selfish as senior, and this is campus when most of people there lot younger than her, where she can ask anything that she want…. I wonder, is it tradition, habit or what.. but I was touched.

ajuma jepangre


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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