Things I’m gonna miss from Korea

2,5 years stayed in Korea, and I’m goin to leave on August 30th, 2009.

This is the list of things that i’m gonna miss from Korea. Since i like 7 number, then i put only 7 things here, and number here doesn’t mean preferences.

1. Internet connection

of course! everyday dealing with internet. I can resist internet connection in Korea especially in KIST, it’s soo fast! I might get internet connection shock when i get back home in Jakarta..:D

2. Food and the size

Takalbi, nengmyeon, jimdak, and other korean food that i like except kimchi (yucks!). Also the size of the food when u order in the restaurant, it’s more than enough, so temptating…

3. Lab?

I think it’s hard to say that I’m gonna miss my lab, but it’s true! even though i had hard time there during my study and experiment, but for sure I’m gonna miss that life (especially when i become unemployed..:P).  Gonna miss the time i need to come at 9 in the morning and try to finish the work as soon as possible which was very hard to do, then end up at goin home after 9. I was lazy even until now, so after free dinner in cafeteria is enough for me to stay in lab.

4. Transportation

Geeee I’m gonna miss that convenient subway!! sangwolgok station! so easy, right on time, never late.. love it so much. I wish Jakarta had that one.

5. Safety

yeaa… i love sightseeing, and not less shopping!! taking pictures of course.. namdaemun, myeongdong, insadong, jongno, jonggak, samcheongdong, sinchon, hongdae, ide, and many more… and it’s safe.. everywhere, everytime even very late night. I could easily bring my camera anywhere, anytime… Woaaa.. again, i wish Jakarta were just like that.

6. Flickr in Seoul (FIS)

yes sureee I’m gonna miss being part of them. very nice people, friendly, lovely, as well as getting more knowledge of taking picture.. I’m gonna miss u guys, the meet-up.. the laugh, the dinner, the party… all!

7. Bryan

haha.. this one is kinda funny, I’m gonna miss him. Dr. Bryan was my supervisor. a young and handsome supervisor, with tremendous  knowledge. He was being so supportive, inspiring, and friendly….

There are more things I’m gonna miss… Here in Korea, so many new things I got, expanded my knowledge.

Bye Korea, by Seoul…

Hope I can come by again.



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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