Today’s: shrimp and baby octopus in red sauce

Got some shrimp and baby octopus for 50% off, and I couldn’t resist to buy them.
낙지 (nakji) or small octopus is quite famous in Korea cuisine, if you get a chance to come here, try to eat the nakji dishes, or if you dare enough try the 산낙지 (sannakji)/raw baby small octopus.
Here is very easy to get small octopus with cheap price. I use to cook shrimp with oyster sauce and tomato, but this time I add some nakji, with 고추장 (gochujang)/korean chili paste for a slightly spicy taste.


Well the sauce wasn’t red anymore, because the ink split out from those babies…

And I found an alien



Author: RikaTY

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2 thoughts on “Today’s: shrimp and baby octopus in red sauce”

  1. This looks amazing! I really love that picture of this quit staring at me! I really enjoy your blog. Please continue sharing!

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