Dec 1, 2012: Late post

It was the first freezing day at Seoul (-5 deg) but no snow yet. Winter STARTED!

I was quite numb, so as Tanya…but she just wanted to go out. Spent sometimes to my husband’s lab to check his experiment (geezzz little bit missing the experiment, at least now) and dragged ourself into the pond around institute. This institute has quite nice surrounding, besides the facilities. After not so long, we just wanted to go home to get some warms.

Btw, Tanya doesn’t smile easily. Don’t worry, it’s not because she hates you, it’s just her face default :D.

Again, I don’t really write. I prefer to put few words on story and more on snaps..

DSC_7918-edrelabel DSC_7985-edrelabel DSC_7984-edrelabel DSC_7979-edrelabel DSC_7973-edrelabel DSC_7971-edrelabel DSC_7968-edrelabel DSC_7965-edrelabel DSC_7959-edrelabel DSC_7954-edrelabel DSC_7953-edrelabel DSC_7952-edrelabel DSC_7949-edrelabel DSC_7942-edrelabel DSC_7933-edrelabel DSC_7931-edrelabel DSC_7929-edrelabel DSC_7923-edrelabel DSC_7919-edrelabelStay warm everyone! BUNDLED up!


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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