Snowy weekend

Dec 8, 2012

Still on the sequel or triquel…or else about snow here. It’s weekend and the snow still appeared that day. We went out and planned to get snow in the park, it’s Children’s Grand Park still around in Seoul. Indeed, there were so much snow there, some kids were rolling around the snow, or slidding, and other snowy activities.

But I guess it was too cold for Tanya, she wasn’t on the mood at all :(. She loved some animals at baby zoo there. This place should be more fun for her during the summer, and sure we will be back, or perhaps next snow with a slidder.



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

2 thoughts on “Snowy weekend”

  1. Those icy roofs…That was damn cold for her (and for me too)…brrrr >_< Poor Tanya 😦 Indeed you have to bring her there on spring and summer. It'll be fun. I like the park. It's full of colorful flowers on spring and the rose garden is so lovely on summer. And i guess they still have free tickets, right?

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