Another lost…

It wasn’t a good week for me… sad news kept coming up. Some relatives passed away, and that week was closed with another lost. My heart didn’t feel right. Last sunday, I got a text through Line and I was just finished teaching a class. Wak Enung, my mom’s cousin just passed away in her age of 70-ish (March 10,2013). Last time I met her was on November 4, 2012, the day when I left Jakarta to reach Seoul, and didn’t get a chance to have contact with her again.

She is not just a regular mom’s cousin, she is one of my favorites person and I know my cousins have the same feeling as well. She is a kind of person with high temper but very lovely, caring, and all the good things a mother kind could have. I and my cousins used to spend our school vacation by slept over on her house, and she would provide everything. As kids, we were spoiled very much with her and the whole family on that house. She would keep saying “you don’t have to take shower, you just have to have those meals regularly!”. How we love it of being free, just playing around without worrying someone should ask us to take shower after whole day sweaty… :D. Someday my kid and cousin’s should do the sleep over during vacation just like we did on her crib.

Yesterday my heart didn’t feel right at all. I went to a Flickr meetup where I used to enjoy it very much, but that day my mind was somewhere. I couldn’t cry right after I got the news but it exploded at night. She had been suffering too long from health problem, and I guess it was just about her time.

I know that I’m going to miss her so much, miss all about her, so much… I know my heart doesn’t feel right, but I know she is going to be alright up there. Take a good rest Wak, we always love you….



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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