Seoul is not always about what you see on TV drama

I have been visited places in Seoul that you might not like it very much, or you won’t see it on your favorite Korean Drama or tourism ads. Interesting when I uploaded a picture on Instagram (@rikaty), some of friends from my country were asking whether there is that kind of place or district in Seoul.

I went to Mullae-dong district for a FIS meetup. This district is famous as iron and steel industry, also as art district or space. You might imagine a place related with iron or steel doesn’t look clean enough, and there is Mullae-dong. But in this area you can find some art studio or Korean artist and I might revisit this place again to put the story here.

Here are some pictures from Mullae-dong district on weekend, and weekdays should be more interesting. I took some of this pictures from rooftop of a building where they put all the trash just right there. I’ll post more pictures that represent more later after my revisit to this district.

8772-edLRre 8767-edLRre 8760-edLRre 8757-edLRre 8751-edLRre 8756-edLRre 8733-edLRre 8731-edLRre 8728-edLRre 8725-edLRre 8721-edLRre 8717-edLRre 8715-edLRre 8714-edLRre


Author: RikaTY

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