Tinny Home Made Ramen

It is Korea, but yes they do have ramen that most known Japan originated. Here in Korea they call in ramyeon (라면). I found this small tinny ramen corner where they serve home made style ramen. It is in Itaewon district. You just have to go to Seoul subway Itaewon station (line 6) exit 3, go straight and cross the traffic light, go straight again and pass the fire brigade station and a gas station, the place is just after that on the right side. Very small place but quite cute, plus the owner speaks English quite well and totally friendly.

They have most kind of ramen style, such as seafood ramen, kimchi ramen, mandu ramen, kimbab etc. You will get a big portion of ramen bowl that I couldn’t finish it by myself. You can ask them to make very spicy one or not at all. I ordered seafood ramen, and sure wanna go back there again. I’m suggesting not to come at lunch hour, people will be packed there and even make a que line since the place is very small. Place might tinny, but the portion and taste are huge.

IMG_5572 IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5569 IMG_5570 IMG_5571


Author: RikaTY

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