6th anniversary

yes 6th! January 12, 2014 was our anniversary. Nothing really so special to celebrate it, no cake, just lunch on my favorite restaurant with the mexican food. I’m just hoping to have stronger and stronger love every year with our beloved Tanya around.


How she loves the free nachos1304-re

The mango margarita (don’t worry, non alcohol)1306-re 1310-re

The gift1314re

Chicken soup with nachos

Grilled chicken enchilada

The meat, chicken, and shrimp in hotplate with sour dip1326-re

my plate1327-re

The new short cut hair and grumpy Tanya that afternoon
1331-re 1332-re 1333-re He, who doesn’t really like to be in pictures1337-re 1340-re

Reading magz while waiting for the hotchoco1343-re

the hotchoco and gelato 1345copy-re 1351-reUs….



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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