Berry berry juice

It is the season of strawberry. I could finish a package of them in one time, so does Tanya. Another good thing that is going on here there is blueberry on SALE! I feel so happy, simply because I could not afford to buy it anytime I want due to the price here, andddd… It is fresh blueberry. I got two packages of fresh blueberries and a package of strawberry. Let’s make some juice and maybe blueberry cake later.

Today, Tanya just got recover from fever. We didn’t really know what happened, but as long as I have the paracetamol with me and she still could eat I don’t want to rush taking her to the hospital. For the record, the fever just started yesterday and today she played normally. I and husband shifted to the lab, luckily I didn’t have that much work this week.

The berry berry juice made her so happy and glad to see her back ruining the room with all those toys šŸ™‚

Another good news (for me) is the dawn started to come later means the day is getting longer, and winter should end soon šŸ˜›

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Author: RikaTY

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