Things I like lately



*Printing my instagram as printout or magnet

*Kinfolk magazine


*Baking, mostly muffin

*Modeling photography

*not so many works in lab

*weather getting warm

*Tanya doesn’t spend to much time with ipad


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

2 thoughts on “Things I like lately”

  1. Nice lists 😀
    Not so many works in lab? how come? you got nicer paksanim? hehe 😀
    Is Tanya addicted to iPad?

    1. Abis proyek kemaren udah published skr paksanim masih belum nentuin kerjaan fix nya gmn.
      Tanya suka marah kalo disuruh berenti nonton ipad tapi masih bs dikendalikan sih mbak, skr lagi ga nonton ipad dulu udah sebulanan nih

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