March 21, 2015: First day in US

I have been grateful. My first year of PhD, I got a published paper. Now, in my second year, I could go to US for a conference. Life is not easy in lab but I can get the value.

I am writing this post from a bedroom of the AirBnb home in Denver, yes I am in Denver now. I never thought that I would go to US, well Denver is not the one if I want to go. Europe was always my destination, but another way brought me here. I am still grateful for that. The mixed feeling is here, nervous and excited in the same time, as I should do a presentation on the conference which took me 4 times practice with my advisor.

Taking flight always a problem for me, because I got motion sick easily, and it turned really bad. I was so worried about the longest flight ever in my life to Colorado. A good friend of mine, Glenn, brought me this dramamine kind of medication, and it worked really well! No air sick at all, not even dizzy. This is the first time I enjoyed flight.

So, here I am. I will post more about this trip later.


First connecting flight in San Fransisco, I wish I had more time to travel around the city.


First sunset in Denver on my way from airport.


First coffee around the neighbourhood where I stay.



Jetlag face. I missed Tanya already….



Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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