Dog Cafe Seoul [Bau House/바우하우스 dog cafe]

Here in Seoul, so many kinds of cafe exist with varieties of theme. Dog and cat cafe are the two theme cafe that famous in Seoul). My daughter wanted to go to dog cafe instead of cat cafe. I think she is still having the trauma from the cat bite back in my home. We paid a visit to one of famous dog cafe in Seoul, this one called Bau House dog cafe. Why dog cafe? because why not? We would never see this kind of cafe in our country.

This place is located close to hapjeong station (line 2 and 6). The place is quite huge in a basement. There are two part of this place, first one is smaller part for small dogs, and the other part is the big part for more bigger dogs. Dog owner could also come and bring their own dog just to play around with the other residents here.


The beverages here are blah and bit expensive, but it compensate the budget they need to spend to take care of those dogs, so it’s OK. We can also buy dog food here so the furry hair friends would love you even more.

I spent about more than two hours. It was not easy for Tanya at the beginning, she was afraid of the dogs. Took a while for her to get along, but finally she was successful in collecting the courage to play around. I guess we need to come here again once before we leave Korea. This place is fun!


Author: RikaTY

A mother A teacher A researcher A viewfinder

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