April 8, 2017

When waiting is the most unbearable thing especially for something that you don’t expect. 


The conferment

And the time is here. An official degree with a conferment ceremony from KIST. I am a proud one, also a proud wife of my beloved one to get the same degree with an award. Congrats for us! 

What’s next? 

The 9th

Credit photo: husband (Suhaeri)

It’s our 9th anniversary. I am so happy that we could reach this number so far, and still counting. Love you always.


Happy new year 2017! 

Let’s be grateful for our achievements in 2016, even tho I believe that 2016 is really something for most of people in the world.

Here is a kinda sum up of my year

Passed doctoral defense

We had so much fun on halloween

Autumn is still the best season

Winter wefie

Outdoor dinning on summer

Little devil

Lovely autum in KIST as usual

The little princess

Won an ipadpro!


I will have a new photo project this year, hope to be commited with this one. They will be posted on my instagram: @rikaty

This post belongs to the 200th of mine!


November 23, 2016

Time does move fast. I finally made until this part. Just passed defense and really glad with it. I am another proud person, along with my husband.

Another task has been filled. What’s next? 



img_4602The little lady turned 6 today! Also she started her second day in taekwondo class… Big girl :*

And today she made this picture❤️


Bye summer 2016


I guess it would be my last summer in Korea. I will post some about my summer of 2016. 🙂