April 5, 2017

I think I’ll start to rewind all the times hat I had in Korea especially in Seoul to keep my self remember the stories that created from living abroad there.

I always like Mexican food. In Seoul, plenty of good Mexican restaurants especially in Itaewon area. The first time I tasted Mexican food was in Korea and started to like them. Having the real Mexican food in Mexican restaurant in America gave me another better experience. These are some pictures from my last visit to Mexican food (Tomatillo Itaewon). Too bad it was still cold, otherwise horchata would make it perfect. Had a visit of this place with a friend who is currently living in UK to find his passion of life (right? :P). It was closed with a cafe visit (of course).



Hot Summer Seoul


It has been crazy hot these days in Seoul. 33-35 degree with super humid air that made it even worse. I am a tropical person who hates winter so much, but it this case hard to like the summer here. Back in my country, the highest temperature will be pretty much the same but very less humidity and some breezy wind could make it better. Hiding under the shades or tree will make us better, but here in Seoul, no wind and if there was it would be hot humid wind.

Instead of the hot summer in Seoul, some summer fruits appeared from local or imported products. This is the first time I tasted the fig fruit, and kinda like it. I couldn’t describe the taste but it is good :). We have similar one in Indonesia but have never tried that before, should be almost similar. Blueberry, I can finish a box of them just like eating peanuts…. What is your favorite fruit?

September 14, 2015

Here a sum up of Sunday that I spent with my little girl. Sunny day, perfect weather. Bit hard to ask her to go out, just because Sunday is super lazyday.

This evening my husband came back from Boston…. Yeayyy! 
 She wanted spaghetti. Only spaghetti, it shouldn’t be other thing. Look at that, I used fork while she was with chopstick. She is so Korean. 


Next: a cafe of course. This one is a cafe with flower shop attached. Name is De Bowbi. Bit pricey but really nice. 

What we ordered. All good!

Strawberry banana juice for her. She choosed the cake.

Of course, latte is mine. 

Third stop: Monday Market flower shop. We always excited to visit one. 

She picked red roses. Behind her are dried flowers. 


There was a clothing store with sale infront. I ended up with this jacket jeans (I think already have one).

There you go! A dayout with no Dad. 

A short visit to Portland

Here I am again. After sometimes of laziness writing a blog, I am trying to write again. A lot of things were happened but didn’t get a chance to put it here.

First I need to put my short trip to Portland last spring after the conference days in Denver.

Why Portland? I think I am kind of person who is influenced by the life style from magazines or other media. Khakis color, wood, simplicity, city life, buildings, interior, foodies, photography, and so on….most if those things that I like came from Portland.

I stayed a couple of night in a street close to Alberta street which famous for the art. I found this place from AirBnb and got a very nice host and room just like a hotel. I would like to stay with them again next time.

I spent all the days by myself exploring the alberta street, pearl district and surrounding. This kind of city that I like. Totally different from Seoul where I live now. Less high tech, less tall buildings, no skycraper, people greet everywhere. I would love to come back here again someday!

PS: I shopped alot in Powell Book Store, the biggest bookstore there.

My room, basement with plenty of lights

The neigbourhood


Got a chance to visit one of the famous coffee shops in Portland

The new mexican chile mocha, spicy latte, kinda unique taste

Alberta street also famous with the mural graffitti

Ceramic gallery where we can make our very own

Food truck of couse


Anothr way I put an address

Really luke this grocery store, they sell only organic and freshly picked from the farmer.

This place has really tasty pies

The steel bridge

Pearl District

The famous ice cream Salt&Straw

I met Rosie, a girl who originaly comes from China and study in US, she was travelling alone as well. Thanks Rosie for this lovely pic.

This street has a tradition of having a Last Thursday event, every month. Lucky I was there. People there will sell alot of art and open their gallery on the street. Some street performances also open during that event.
I felt this cookies is too big

 Bye PDX


So, this is another visit day to Buamdong. A friend grabbed me to join her craving day of Buamdong chicken, and of course coffee and chit chat time thru’ the night with the falling snow. We found this coffee shop, the name is LUMBERJACK. I would to go back there.


Not so much snow





The barista with some cakes and cookies


The counter


What we had: Latte, cappuccino, and tiramisu —> all good


Sure I’ll take the pic


And yes another pic


Oh come on…


No regret


The buddy that night: Martha!


Thick foam which I think it’s beautiful ( I know I’m a weirdo)


Some accessories. This place is like a temporary room (but solid enough) that they built stick to the outside wall of someone’s house, and resulted in very unique concept.


Even there is a space for family


This was our spot, right next to the counter and huge window to see the view and falling snow: perfect!


Our spot again from outside


20141212-IMG_2169There you GO! *taken by Martha