From Jeju 2015

Spring 2015, was the first time I visited Jeju island. This island is a Hawaii or Bali version of Korea, that’s what they say. I never really into coming to this island, but got a chance to go there because of a business trip.

Booked a place from Airbnb, I didn’t expect the place would be really nice with view of sea from the front, and a mountain from behind. The place name is Doldam Guesthouse, it is very recommended place to stay in Jeju. This place also serves home made hallabong (한라봉, a kind of orange primarily grown in Jeju) jam for breakfast.

I traveled around Jeju with a friend renting a car. This island is more convenient if we could drive along with a car. We visited some beaches, cafes, and market. The beaches are green-blue-ish color, which is very beautiful when the sun kiss down. As a tourism place, this island is quite nice. A break from Seoul sky scrapers to Jeju is another way to refresh. I feel everything moves slower in this place.

More pictures about my second trip to Jeju is here.  I will post more pictures in another blog soon (I wish).


Early summer

Glad it is summer. I like hot weather and longer day with lights. No heavy jacket, no worried to froze.

And early summer would be like:

Milk ice cream from local coffee shop

The little lady’s first time going to hair salon. She asked for it.

Rose festival

Takoci I like


We found a nice coffeshop with good quality of coffee from awarded barista from 5 Extract.

Joined Boyscout. She is a big girl now.

Found the chicken street.

Of course, beautiful cafe.

Went to buffet Korean BBQ and ate like one.

Blueberry smoothie and cafe mocha from 5 Extract. now we are their regular.

Second hand bookshop in noksapyeong.

Summer breeze during lunch time in campus.

Mojito I like

fish and chips

Afternoon conversation.

Days in Denver

These are some snaps from my phone during the visit to Denver. This city is quite friendly, I wish I could explore more.

This is how I save my direction when there was no internet on my phone. I would search at night from home and snapped it.

  Another morning start from Race street

  View on 16th street mall  A friend who stays in Denver suggested me to come to this bookstore, and this place is amazing. I think I can spend whole day here. It is Tattered Cover bookstore in 16th street mall.   The view from the bookstore

  From the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory

    Finally, I met my super cool uncle. It has been 16 years we did meet. I was so happy to see him again. I hope I can visit you again Mang… take care ya!

  From the conference

 Simple lunch in organic store.


They say, lemon never failed.

Every morning, start your day with a lemon juice mix with water and honey (if you want it less sour). Drink it before you take anything after wake up (I know it is sour!). It is good for your gastric and skin. There are plenty more benefits of lemon that you may catch them from websites.

Plus, lemon also looks good on pictures 🙂 Enjoy your day!

Lemon-1 Lemon-2 Lemon-3