April 5, 2017

I think I’ll start to rewind all the times hat I had in Korea especially in Seoul to keep my self remember the stories that created from living abroad there.

I always like Mexican food. In Seoul, plenty of good Mexican restaurants especially in Itaewon area. The first time I tasted Mexican food was in Korea and started to like them. Having the real Mexican food in Mexican restaurant in America gave me another better experience. These are some pictures from my last visit to Mexican food (Tomatillo Itaewon). Too bad it was still cold, otherwise horchata would make it perfect. Had a visit of this place with a friend who is currently living in UK to find his passion of life (right? :P). It was closed with a cafe visit (of course).



The 9th

Credit photo: husband (Suhaeri)

It’s our 9th anniversary. I am so happy that we could reach this number so far, and still counting. Love you always.


November 23, 2016

Time does move fast. I finally made until this part. Just passed defense and really glad with it. I am another proud person, along with my husband.

Another task has been filled. What’s next? 



img_4602The little lady turned 6 today! Also she started her second day in taekwondo class… Big girl :*

And today she made this picture❤️


Bye summer 2016


I guess it would be my last summer in Korea. I will post some about my summer of 2016. 🙂


Hot Summer Seoul


It has been crazy hot these days in Seoul. 33-35 degree with super humid air that made it even worse. I am a tropical person who hates winter so much, but it this case hard to like the summer here. Back in my country, the highest temperature will be pretty much the same but very less humidity and some breezy wind could make it better. Hiding under the shades or tree will make us better, but here in Seoul, no wind and if there was it would be hot humid wind.

Instead of the hot summer in Seoul, some summer fruits appeared from local or imported products. This is the first time I tasted the fig fruit, and kinda like it. I couldn’t describe the taste but it is good :). We have similar one in Indonesia but have never tried that before, should be almost similar. Blueberry, I can finish a box of them just like eating peanuts…. What is your favorite fruit?