Kim Fried

This food is inspired by my roommate when I used to live in dormitory. Raehyun ( I miss u!) is her name, her mother used to send this food for her.

Let me tell u little bit about “kim”, Checking out from wikipedia.. Nori (Japanesse: 海苔) (Chinesse: 海苔, pinyin; Korean: , kim or gim) is the Japanese name for various edible seaweed species of the red alga. Since I live in Korea so I will call it “kim”. In Japan, kim is commonly used as wrap of sushi or onigiri. In Korea, they use it as wrap or gimbab, some kind of roll food similar like roll sushi… Gim has high content ofmineral salts. It is prepared into very thin, dried square sheets, seasoned with sesame oil and salt.

Last saturday, I just remember that I still kept some kim on my kitchen, and it’s been while I put it there..;P and yes I still have it. Its kinda boring for me to eat kim only plain as usual ( since i can’t make my own kimbab), so I decided to modify it. As I told u in first line of this blog, Raehyun’s mother used to fried kim with some flour, and it’s very delicious. And I tried to make it by myself, but I now It won’t have same taste as Rae’s mom’s tough…;P

Here what I did: (its very easy)

I used the sliced salty kim that already cut, egg, wheat flour, salt, and pepper ( how many spoon?? as u wish..;P)

1. smash the egg,

2. mixed flour, salt and pepper, do it well..;P

3. cover up all parts of kim with the egg.

4. pour the kim with mixed flour.

5. Fried it with hot oil (this one takes very short time, so I have to be very careful and fast) until the flour’s color change into little bit brown.

6. If u wanna eat it soon then its good, but if not keep it in tight cover place.

I like it…;)


To have someone

To have someone

Is not about going to the mall by holding hand

Is not about going to cinema and buy two tickets

The same goes as a well of ordering table for two at restaurant

To have someone

Is about sharing your day and dream

To do the hearing and to be heard

To know that you can smile and eventually cry

To feel blessed of having it and cursed when lost it

Ultimately is to say

After you’ve been through these all

You hardly stop saying

Thank you God

By: he

Science girl

I love arts very much even since I was child, I used to participate on painting or drawing competition or somethin’ related that (menang ga menang yg penting ikutan..). Even until now, arts always become my obsession. Since maybe junior high until highschool, I used to make some designs of house including the interior stuff though I was planning to take design school after graduate highschool. But then..I didn’t make it, chemistry become my bachelor school (what the hell!) just by being lucky to get the university that I want at that time. I dropped all my obsession for arts just become my hobbies. And since that ya…I become science girl!!! Imagine my life with chemistry…people might say wow…but some say euhhh science girl!!…

And now, again I’m taking graduate school in science continuing my degree before. Even though it is so hard but I’m still doin’ it..ya maybe just the way of mylife (nothing’s wrong with science girl right??!!..). I remember last month while I was goin’ home (lab actually..) from my internship program in one of the famous university in Korea, I meet two students there and they were asking little bit about me start from how ru, where u from, what ru doin here, where ru goin..etc, then “what is your major here?”. I answered them, “chemical engineering”, then they were like surprise..n just said “aaaaa (with Korean style) girl”..holy crap what is wrong with that??? I’m not exactly sure what does their expression mean, is it somethin good or bad about science girl…(so all u science girl, what do u think??).

But maybe some people might think science girl related with boring, serious, pimples (euh..coz don’t have time to take care their own body), unsocialized, walk straight, glasses (thank God I don’t use glasses until now), and other things that people think unpleasant or make you wanna stay far from it…Well it’s people choice to make their own opinion (even me sometime I see some of that unpleasant thing on science girl;P) but believe me, There are not always true!!! but mostly right!!..hahahaha…And try to figure it out by yourself and let me know..

*Joshua maybe ur right..I’m a lab ratty..:P


Cerita tentang seorang bapak, besar di sebuah kota kecil di Jawa Timur bersama seorang kakak dan adik laki-lakinya. Pensiunan pegawai swasta yang masa mudanya dihabiskan dikapal dan singgah di negara-negara orang. Ia hanya orang biasa, setelah pensiun waktunya dihabiskan dengan memelihara ayam, burung, ikan dan merawat tanaman dirumahnya yang cukup sederhana.

Ia bukan orang kaya, bukan seseorang yang memiliki jabatan tinggi, bukan orang terkenal, bukan juga seorang pemuka agama ataupun imam ketika menjalankan sholat berjamaah.. Ia hanya orang biasa.

Ia adalah orang yang tidak banyak berbicara. Ia orang yang dikenal dengan kebijakan dan kesabarannya di mata orang lain. Ketika orang lain menghampiri untuk bercerita atau meminta pendapatnya, ia tidak akan membalas dengan kata-kata menggurui, namun dia akan membalas dengan membagi cerita atau pengalaman yang bisa diambil hikmahnya yang tersirat.

Ia memang tidak banyak berkata, namun ia tetap berteman dengan siapa saja. Ketika waktunya untuk berbicara ia akan berbicara, namun tindakan lebih dominan didalam kesehariannya. Sepertinya ia hanya orang biasa yang hanya berusaha menjalankan hidupnya bersama keluarganya.

Semakin tua usianya semakin banyak orang yang menjadikannya tempat untuk bercerita, berbagi, meminta pendapat ataupun hanya sekedar beramah tamah. Sepertinya semakin banyak orang yang menyukainya. Semakin tua usianya tidak hanya semakin dituakan dirinya tetapi juga semakin dihormati dan semakin banyak orang yang peduli padanya. Namun ia hanya orang biasa….

Hingga sampai waktunya ia menjalankan ibadah ke tanah suci dengan hasil tabungan dari istri dan anak-anaknya…Hingga sampai pula waktu baginya untuk menutup usianya pada umur 62 tahun. Ia pergi di tanah suci, pergi dalam tidurnya, 3 hari sebelum kepulangannya ke tanah air untuk menemui keluarganya kembali. Ia pergi tanpa pesan apapun. Kepergiannya hari itu membuat kesedihan pada banyak orang.

Kepergiannya hari itu membuatku….berada dalam posisi terendah didalam hidupku…

Ia hanya orang biasa…Seseorang yang sederhana dengan segala kerendahan hatinya…

Love u always Dad…

Writing isn’t me

Things are getting crazy around me, now I’m infected by writing blog, the thing that I don’t really like to do ( I mean I can’t write, that’s the thing!). But now you can see here, I’m writing!!!! (yeah I know what am I doin’ here..). I never have confident of writing something coz’ I feel my words so not interesting (even for myself) 😦 . So forgive me if my blog is boring, when you feel that just jump up to my Flickr webpage (hope more interesting..) or just find another webpage that you can easily grab. 🙂

Anyway, we’ll see what I can drop here…maybe I’ll find another side of me or just to give some informations.