Autumn 2015

Wrap up from my favorite season. 



What so ever from Fall 2014

Things from this colorful season.


A reflection in KosuiIMG_1931

Fall in instituteIMG_1932

Ginko in the institute

Fall startedIMG_1934

the outfitIMG_1935

playing with red leaves of cherry blossomIMG_1936

from where i standIMG_1937

from where we standIMG_1938

ginko ginkoIMG_1939

just another beautiful redIMG_1940

apple cinnamon tea from cafe Gallery BuamdongIMG_1941

crunchy coffee from KosuiIMG_1942

I took a session with gorgeous friend and model from Ukraine (thanks Vika) and this picture was hit by more than 11K view in a day.. yeayyyy me!IMG_1943

A chocolate latte after the session

Morning view from the institute, I should come earlier these days šŸ˜¦IMG_1945

We visited Sugar Daddy in Itaewon, and loved the cakesIMG_1946

A birthday party of lovely Vika, this lights were at the pub we celebratedĀ IMG_1947

First time explored the Seoul City Hall new building with FISIMG_1948

View of Deoksugung Palace from an observatory (kinda)IMG_1949

from where i stand

she started to recognise alphabets and hangeul furtherIMG_1951

first time I saw black pepper… well black chilliIMG_1952


from the coffee shop corner close to the instituteIMG_1660Autumn in the institute


Night lights

It is almost the end of November and some people have been feeling the Christmas is about to come. Cities have been started glowing at night with all the lights decorations, and Seoul is one of them.

We spent last Saturday night to catch some lights, and Tanya loves them very much. It is her first time to see so many lights decoration in the middle of city especially in cold weather. More lights and colors to come, hopefully I could take her again and the temperature should be friendly (I bet not), so more pictures later.

There was the time when I liked to take unfocus lights… and now I found them again…



The end of autumn

My favorite season thru’ all is autumn. Just love the gloomy and the colors. The combination between red-orange-brown of leaves with the afternoon light will deliver a dramatic mood through the pictures. Is that too much? I hope not. Lucky I arrived here in Seoul exactly this season, but sadly soon it will end and start to be -20 degree that stick my bones :(.

Back here !

Hello there~

It’s been a while…ummm not a while but it’s quite while…

I’ve been so busy with works and superduper cutest daughter on earth. And now, here I am, back to the other part of the world – Seoul, South Korea! (again).

I just arrived here Nov 5, 2012, until now just enjoying the time with my daughter while my husband working on the lab. Hopefully I could start my school on Sept next year, if everything is going well.

It’s quite much different the life the I run here from the last time I was, with my daughter beside everything should be connected with her. Not that simple tho! but I enjoy it. The weather is started to cold, I love autumn, but the wind blows unfriendly and it’s not easy for her… and more.. it’s getting winter :(.

Things much changed here, I mean in a good way. Seoul has been becoming a very well established city with all those technology, love it or not? We’ll see, but the most important is everything is easier.

I’m gonna post more, more about life in Seoul….

See you..

SeasonS mooD

Born and growth in tropical country, where whole of the year feels like summer and rainy made me always curious about 4 seasons. Spring, where people always wait for…. summer, where people also wait for holiday and beach, sunbath time ( I think I have more than enough for sun)….autumn, where the gloomy feeling comes up… and winter where there always fun with the snow…

Fortunately, I came to Korea where 4 seasons come every year. Now I can see all those feeling i mentioned above.

Where there will be so many flowers around, with all beautiful colors in spring time, inspiring me to take lots of flower pics and macro things.

Where summer with very humid air, that totally different with the summer in my country.

Where leaves turn into red, yellow, and brown, with wind around, very nice color for me in autumn.

Where snow came down falling into the window..cover up all the grass, white color everywhere, and freezing pond where we can walk by.

Now I know All that fell, even though it might different for every 4 seasons country. But from all of us my favorite one is AUTUMN, the color, the scene amaze me, especially for maple tree.. How I love it on autumn, they turn into red…sooo beautiful…


So how bout u? which one is your season??