img_4602The little lady turned 6 today! Also she started her second day in taekwondo class… Big girl :*

And today she made this picture❤️



Yes, I turned 32 this June. Feeling old.

Some snaps from the day

Birthday page from Google


Day on my phone


Birthday surprise from husband and the little lady. a bunch of flower, an ice cream

cake, and a lovely cake from a lovely friend Vika^^ :*

and still feel blessed

December 12, 2014


It was just another ordinary day when I picked up Tanya from school, and another kid was picked by his grandfather.
Tanya asked me, “where is my grandfather?” She knows only her grandmothers back at home.
And I hold my tears, saying “he is up there in sky…”

“Can I see him?”
“No, you can not, because he is up there far away from here…”
“Is he up above the high building?”
“No, further….”
“How did he get there? Using wings?”
“Yes dear, with the two lovely wings…”

Happy birthday Daddy… I’m pretty sure that you are always happy up there. ❤ ❤

*and exactly the same with last year: It’s snowing today

Goodbye 20ish

June 7, 2014 I turned 30! Feeling blessed this far but feel sad of saying goodbye to 20ish age :(.

I am still thinking what I got so far in this 30 years old. I have my beloved husband and a cutie one Tanya. I planned my life of having a doctoral degree in the age of 30, but we can not get anything we planned, so now I’m still trying to survive to get doctoral by going to the lab everyday.

We couldn’t do so much thing on my birthday. Tanya got fever since friday night. She willingly went out that day, but we had no choice instead of staying at home. For a little celebration, we went to a pizza restaurant just around the neighborhood. Hopefully next year we could do better celebration.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22!