Behind the scenes: chicken satay

If you ever heard chicken satay, it is a traditional Indonesian dish. Grilled boneless chicken served with peanut sauce. I tried to make this dish, and I think it was quite success. Got the recipe from crossing over some recipes on blogs. Didn’t have shallots, I replaced them with onion.









Sunday cook

I found some boiled prawn on the fridge, got some mushroom and paprika (some of you may know as capsicum), cut some onions and garlic, then the paprika. Heated a bit of vegetable oil and cooked the onion and garlic until smells good :P. Added the prawn, some oyster sauce, worcestershire sauce and a pinch of salt. Last, the mushroom came over. There you go….

Cook and capture

I told you previously that food photography has caught my eyes, and I started to do that. Since I moved to another house I started to cook again ( I do love cooking :)), and it gives me objects to capture. I still use natural light, so mostly I take picture in the morning or in the afternoon. It’s not that easy to produce the food photography especially with a little baby with me, but it worth all. I take food photography from any food, the one that I cooked or I bought as long as it can be a beautiful picture.

These two pictures below is mine, I cooked them for my daughter.

Wake up early in the morning before my daughter turn up from her beauty sleep, preparing the food and cooking while catching the morning sun and don’t wanna miss he light is not an easy thing….