img_4602The little lady turned 6 today! Also she started her second day in taekwondo class… Big girl :*

And today she made this picture❤️


The story of watermelon

Who doesn’t like watermelon? I love watermelon. Back in my country, I could find it easily whole year, and people will rather choose the seedless one. Here in Korea, we could get it during summer with better taste but with seed. As for me, I don’t care either, but my daughter used to hate the seed eventho we told her just to eat them. It came up into another work for me to remove every seed.

Yesterday, after cutting the watermelon cubes, my daughter came to me:

Tanya: ibu ibu (mommy) look at this…. (Grabbing a seed of watermelon, and eating it).

Me: woaa….finally you ate it. Now, why would you eat that?

Tanya: because sonsaengnim (teacher) told me to…

Me: really… Why? What did sonsaengnim say?

Tanya: she said, it will make me healthy…. (Grabbing some cubes on her bowl)

Me: …. *teacher nailed

Guess at this age she believes her teacher better than us in so many ways. I don’t mind at all as long as in a good way.

Since these days children spend most of their time at school, their role would turn into the teachers. It is very important for teachers to have enough knowledge and experiences to be shared with children. I believe it is not an easy thing to do.

For all the teachers out there: RESPECT!

Feb 20, 2014

Last week was hard week for us. Tanya and I got sick together. The famous influenza, but this time really hard one. We had fever all the time like a never ending sick. Spent few hours in emergency room for Tanya and spent too much, luckily every test (X-ray, blood test (twice >_<), tube test through the nose-throat-stomach) that she had through gave normal result. I didn’t go to work for few days, and now back with tons of things to do :(. Now, we are recovering but pushing ourself to have normal life again.

I supposed to post this pictures above last week, but there was no atmosphere for that. These pictures of Tanya just remind me that she has grown so fast…

Pictures taken on January 31, 2014

1582-re 1578-re 1577-re 1569-re 1565-re 1563-re 1561-re

Graduated from playgroup

My daughter Tanya finished her playgroup school last month. It was only a class that you can imagine the activity is only about playing. The class was only 50 minutes each session and only once a week, but quite enough for introduce her how to interact with other friends in a class. On March 2, 2013, Tanya started entering a daycare so called school (more post to go).

Here are some pics from the playgroup class which is called Noriya class.


First dayIMG_3900 IMG_3910 IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4366 IMG_4369 IMG_4525 IMG_4670 IMG_4804 IMG_4816 IMG_4822 IMG_4825 IMG_4829 IMG_4831

With NoriyaIMG_4836

Graduation dayIMG_4839

The teacher gave stamps at the end of every sessionIMG_4842with the teacher