Days in Denver

These are some snaps from my phone during the visit to Denver. This city is quite friendly, I wish I could explore more.

This is how I save my direction when there was no internet on my phone. I would search at night from home and snapped it.

  Another morning start from Race street

  View on 16th street mall  A friend who stays in Denver suggested me to come to this bookstore, and this place is amazing. I think I can spend whole day here. It is Tattered Cover bookstore in 16th street mall.   The view from the bookstore

  From the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory

    Finally, I met my super cool uncle. It has been 16 years we did meet. I was so happy to see him again. I hope I can visit you again Mang… take care ya!

  From the conference

 Simple lunch in organic store.


March 22, 2015

It is the first day of seminar in Colorado Convention Center. I was so sleepy, the jetlag worked out.

Here how the day passed


Start early in the morning, the scene was really nice around the neighborhood. Right at the end of the street was a huge city park.


Took a breakfast in a breakfast cafe. It was huge, to much for early morning. I guess I was their first customer at 7-ish.


The street in front of the shuttle bus to get down town. First bus riding.


I got this since I have no idea how it the bus works. It supposed to be for transfer, but I didn’t take transfer.


Finally! The Convention Center. Where is the big blue bear?





aha! there you are, with the cellphone.




16th street mall.

During the lunch. As a solo traveler, I had nothing to do except opening and closing this technical program book >_<.


Lunch: Chicken soup with pasta and chicken dumpling.


Another downtown view.


The icon.


How I saved the map when there is no internet connection.


With the bear, thank you who ever you are who took this picture. 20150322-IMG_3565 20150322-IMG_3568

Bought this for Tanya.


Dinner with pad thai.


Nice cafe to spend time. It was busy, people were spending their time in front of laptop.

20150322-IMG_3571Nice coffee and food, good price, friendly barista and people.


March 21, 2015: First day in US

I have been grateful. My first year of PhD, I got a published paper. Now, in my second year, I could go to US for a conference. Life is not easy in lab but I can get the value.

I am writing this post from a bedroom of the AirBnb home in Denver, yes I am in Denver now. I never thought that I would go to US, well Denver is not the one if I want to go. Europe was always my destination, but another way brought me here. I am still grateful for that. The mixed feeling is here, nervous and excited in the same time, as I should do a presentation on the conference which took me 4 times practice with my advisor.

Taking flight always a problem for me, because I got motion sick easily, and it turned really bad. I was so worried about the longest flight ever in my life to Colorado. A good friend of mine, Glenn, brought me this dramamine kind of medication, and it worked really well! No air sick at all, not even dizzy. This is the first time I enjoyed flight.

So, here I am. I will post more about this trip later.


First connecting flight in San Fransisco, I wish I had more time to travel around the city.


First sunset in Denver on my way from airport.


First coffee around the neighbourhood where I stay.



Jetlag face. I missed Tanya already….