Shabu-shabu, I like!

Do you think fresh food could always be associated with healthy food? I do believe. I am quite concern about having fresh food on daily especially for my daughter. It’s not easy tho’ cost more.

Do you think shabu-shabu is one kind of healthy foods? I hope so, because I crave for that anytime. Just ask me, and I’ll join you. Here in Korea, some of natives claim that shabu-shabu is their origin dish, but most of people or sources say it is Japanese. Who ever own it, thank you for having this dish.

I met some friends few days ago on weekend to have a dinner together, and it was SHABU -SHABU. I was very happy to see this course again. I don’t remember the last time I ate shabu-shabu.

If you are in Seoul, there are many shabu-shabu restaurant. The one that I visited was in sadang just behind the sadang station (line 2 or 4) exit 13. Shabu-shabu is quite pricey food, does it mean fresh food and healthy food correlate with costly food? The set that I ordered cost me around $20, and other places might cost less than that with more complete set, while normal eat daily in here cost less than $10. Well… tummy full, and I was happy. 🙂

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Night with Raehyun

Thursday, July 2nd 2009
She was my roommate
we spent time together, dinner, walk, and coffee..
She’s goin to state :(, but I’m happy for her 🙂 coz she’s goin for good… good luck Rae….
Nice Places (my kind of place), great food..great time..
Best roommate ever..

Location: Hyehwa




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