A farewell to lovely Vika

Oh my, this happens when we live abroad. People come and go~ and this lovely one left before me 😢

I am so happy to know Vika. This girl is so lovely with a beautiful soul inside. I hope to see her again in the future. 

Best always for you😘😘

PS. She is one of Tanya’s fav aunts 


Things lately


* failed to make brownie

* printed my instagram pics of food

* tried wild fish burger, not bad but beef is still my favorite

* bought a new hanbok for Tanya use in Lunar new year celebration at school

* tried a mirrorless Fujifilm X-E2 with 35 mm 1.4 lens for two weeks, and love it!

* found an apple pie cafe in sangsu

* Tanya draws more, especially about me :*

* missed my uncle (mang Amin) visit to Indonesia. We haven’t met for about 14-16 years… I forgot already

* “some people, they just don’t understand the value of following the rules and respecting other people”, and I am so damn sick with those people

*  got my US visa.. yeay!

* started to paint my nails again

* winter should be over soon…. I hope so 🙂