April 30, 2016

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Minolta X700, Kodak-200

I just could not resist fresh flower.

I grew up with a huge back and front yard home with so many kinds of plant from green stuff, flower, and fruit trees, while living in Seoul with tiny house and no yard makes a lot of different. Here, living in Seoul makes me really excited when seeing flowers sold on the street or going to flower market, and end up buying some of them.


September 14, 2015

Here a sum up of Sunday that I spent with my little girl. Sunny day, perfect weather. Bit hard to ask her to go out, just because Sunday is super lazyday.

This evening my husband came back from Boston…. Yeayyy! 
 She wanted spaghetti. Only spaghetti, it shouldn’t be other thing. Look at that, I used fork while she was with chopstick. She is so Korean. 


Next: a cafe of course. This one is a cafe with flower shop attached. Name is De Bowbi. Bit pricey but really nice. 

What we ordered. All good!

Strawberry banana juice for her. She choosed the cake.

Of course, latte is mine. 

Third stop: Monday Market flower shop. We always excited to visit one. 

She picked red roses. Behind her are dried flowers. 


There was a clothing store with sale infront. I ended up with this jacket jeans (I think already have one).

There you go! A dayout with no Dad.