Dec 28, 2013

Oh my God! It has been too long since I didn’t make any work on anything related with all those colorful crayons.

Tanya just started to sketch anything on the white paper, and that just made me feel wanna have mine as well. This afternoon, I got two 🙂 *proud enough.




Tuna Spaghetti

Dulu kalo dirumah biasa masak spageti pake daging giling. Tapi karena sekarang lagi tinggal di Seoul dimana harga sapi tuh mahal banget dimana kalo g sering2 beli daging sapi bisa2 jatuh miskin disini.. *berlebihan ya.. 😀 jadilah disini daging sapi giling diganti dengan tuna, tuna kalengan lebih tepatnya karena lebih mudah dan udah dalam bentuk chunk. Bikin spageti ala g mudah koq, cuman diresepnya g ga pernah pake ukuran, jadi semua dikira2 aja sesuai feeling..:D

tuna spageti


Pasta, bentuk apa aja terserah

minyak goreng atau olive oil juga boleh

tuna kaleng, pilih yg mild aja

tomat segar, dipotong halus atau dadu2 biar nanti gampang hancurnya

saus tomat, merek apa aja tapi g ga suka yg asam, sukanya yg cenderung manis

Cheddar or parmesan cheese


bawang bombay, iris halus

bawang putih, cincang halus


gula, dikit aja soalnya udah manis dari saus tomat

merica/lada putih



1. pasta di rebus dalam air mendidih yg ditambahin sedikit garam dan minyak, inget ya sedikit aja. rebus sampai empuk, kalo udah tirisin aja.

2. untuk sausnya, panasin minyak, tumis bawang bombay dan bawang putih sampai harum *kalo kata acara masak2 di tivi.

3. masukan tuna, tumis sebentar.

4. masukan tomat segar, garam, sedikit gula, dan merica, masak sampai tomatnya hancur.

5. tambahkan saus tomat, ini banyaknya bener2 sesuai selera.

6. kemudian masukan oregano, ada beberapa org yg suka bgt sama oregano (g suka..) jadi jumlahnya bisa disesuaikan selera. masak sampai semua bahan kecampur rata.

7. masukan sedikit air, tapi kalau dirasa udah cukup air dari tomatnya ga perlu tambahin air.

8. masak sampai kental.

9. sajikan pasta dengan disirami sausnya, tambahkan taburan keju diatasnya biar mantabbbbb….

*selamat mencoba…

Modelling Photography~~~

Since my addicted of photography getting more and more… I tried to take portraits and model.

A lovely, beautiful Iranian gurl, Maliheh became my victim, and she became my first model I think, (except my hub..). Lucky, Mali loves to be in pics, and she can pose, so no need lots of effort for me to do that… coz I don’t know how to do choreography for model.

But too bad that Saturday the weather wasn’t so good. I was about to catch the golden hour but was foggy and cloudy. And the worst is… I forgot to set the ISO, and I used ISO 800!!!! stupid photographer!!!!

Anyway u may check the result here, and let me know what u think about those pics.. enjoY..

PS. Thanx Mali

My first Flickr in Seoul mixr

Since I have my Nikon D40x that I bought last year, my passion of taking picture become more more and more.. until I made an account in Flickr.
I like to browse other users’ pictures to learn about taking pic, style, etc. Flickr mixr is a group meeting of Flickr members with the same part area of where they live. I can find this event in other country, even many in State. In this meeting we can just gather, spend time together for coffee, sharing knowledge (not only about photography), and also hunt for pictures together. I used to wish I had that kind of group in Seoul, until I found it (yeaaa!!!). The name is Flickr in Seoul (FIS). It is a Flickr group for Flickr member in Seoul.

Eric, one of Flickr members introduced me this FIS. They always have meeting 2 times in a month, and last Sunday was the meeting time. That meeting was my first coming to that group. I meet new people there, means new friend for me, and Derek is the coordinator of this group. Our meeting was in 63 building. Too bad that day the weather was raining whole day. So we couldn’t go out to take pictures. We were planning to go to aquarium or theater inside the building and after that boat trip in Han river. BUT….sure we couldn’t do the boat trip in raining. Since some people were late for coming, so we spent sometime in coffee shop inside the building, it’s the time for us (especially me, since I’m new here). I knew some of them only by chatting in messenger or email, and now I could meet them. And there we took pictures of each other..(ya thats good thing).

That day, hehehe..all of the schedules were canceled, we just spent our time in coffeshop, and foodcourt, but its like a never ending story when people with same interest get together..:)
I got new friends, new information, new knowledges, improving my English ;P, and of course so much fun!!!
Wait to see u again all..