Because I also shoot film


I got a Minolta X-700 from a lovely friend. This camera belonged to her late father. Bought a 50 mm f1.7 lens on ebay, and started to shoot anywhere :). Mixed feeling came out.

Thanks Martha!



I just bought an electric oven by online few days ago and so ready to try it on. Baking seems easier way to cook for me because I just have to mix them up and put in inside the oven while I can do other things, and also it less oil.
First trial was to make apple crumble. Grabbed the easy recipe from Donna Hay eventhough I’ve made apple crumble with different recipes many times. It turned out very tasty…




My version of mandu

It is mandu (만두) in Korean cuisine, or gyoza (餃子) in Japanese, or jiaozi (饺子) in Chinese, or we’ve known as dumpling. I really like this food. Here in Korea is hardly for me to eat mandu because it usually contains some amount of pork even they call it seafood of vegetables mandu. Trying to make my own mandu is for the sake of safety zone. 
My mandu contains only vegetables, was too lazy to go out and get some shrimps. 
What’s inside?
tofu, leek, carrot, mushroom, onion, noodles, bit or salt and pepper..
Here they are:
 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4330 IMG_4331
One shape
IMG_4332 IMG_4333
Another shape
IMG_4355 IMG_4356
The steamed …
I fried them as well… but no picture 😦