Another good thing from summer


Minolta X-700, Kodak200. June 26, 2016. Cafe Blute (블뤼테).


How would you like to spend your summer weekend afternoon?

Me, sitting outdoor in a cafe with breezy air while enjoying ice caramel macchiato or tea with a slice of cake and camera, along with family or friends, or both :).  I don’t read books.

Tell me your version.


Early summer

Glad it is summer. I like hot weather and longer day with lights. No heavy jacket, no worried to froze.

And early summer would be like:

Milk ice cream from local coffee shop

The little lady’s first time going to hair salon. She asked for it.

Rose festival

Takoci I like


We found a nice coffeshop with good quality of coffee from awarded barista from 5 Extract.

Joined Boyscout. She is a big girl now.

Found the chicken street.

Of course, beautiful cafe.

Went to buffet Korean BBQ and ate like one.

Blueberry smoothie and cafe mocha from 5 Extract. now we are their regular.

Second hand bookshop in noksapyeong.

Summer breeze during lunch time in campus.

Mojito I like

fish and chips

Afternoon conversation.

January 14, 2015

My grieve today. My father’s older brother passed away this afternoon in Jakarta.

My last conversation with him through messenger. I was quite surprise that he could text me this way in that old age…

There is nothing more important than being together with family. Selamat jalan Pakde Harry, semoga semua dimudahkan. Kumpul lagi sama Daddy ya… 🙂


Hello there! Happy new year!
I know it’s late, I was quite busy lately. Anyway… Have a great year ahead!

Jan 12, 2015 is our 7th anniversary. Yes 7th…. It’s been quite a while and I am happy with that.

It was not weekend, and we still had to come to work of course. I asked my husband to have lunch together but then he said that he was busy with lab work. I continued my experiment in lab after lunch, and suddenly he came to my lab with some flower and cake. It was awkward… I mean in a good way. I was in the middle of taking some data. I was so happy to get surprised~ He even went to my favorite cake shop but they were in holiday, and straight to another regular cake shop.

This cake~ and we spent it with some friends in work place.

So, this girl was jealous because we were having “birthday” and she wanted as well. Even she got jealous for the flowers…

And the card says sweet things

7 white roses

So we decided to buy another cake for Tanya

And end up with very simple dinner with chicken hahahahaha. No fancy things….but we are in love.

Happy 7th my dear, thank you for being great husband and best father :*

What so ever from Fall 2014

Things from this colorful season.


A reflection in KosuiIMG_1931

Fall in instituteIMG_1932

Ginko in the institute

Fall startedIMG_1934

the outfitIMG_1935

playing with red leaves of cherry blossomIMG_1936

from where i standIMG_1937

from where we standIMG_1938

ginko ginkoIMG_1939

just another beautiful redIMG_1940

apple cinnamon tea from cafe Gallery BuamdongIMG_1941

crunchy coffee from KosuiIMG_1942

I took a session with gorgeous friend and model from Ukraine (thanks Vika) and this picture was hit by more than 11K view in a day.. yeayyyy me!IMG_1943

A chocolate latte after the session

Morning view from the institute, I should come earlier these days 😦IMG_1945

We visited Sugar Daddy in Itaewon, and loved the cakesIMG_1946

A birthday party of lovely Vika, this lights were at the pub we celebrated IMG_1947

First time explored the Seoul City Hall new building with FISIMG_1948

View of Deoksugung Palace from an observatory (kinda)IMG_1949

from where i stand

she started to recognise alphabets and hangeul furtherIMG_1951

first time I saw black pepper… well black chilliIMG_1952


from the coffee shop corner close to the instituteIMG_1660Autumn in the institute