March 15, 2015


In the present status of lab boredness, I am going to US next week…. yeay! Tho’ it will be for a conference, at least I will have a chance to visit another part of the world and the most famous country of entire universe.

Lab life has been sucks lately.

I got this flower as a gift along with some traditional Korean snacks from 선생님(teacher) in Analysis center. He has been a really nice person.


Happy Sunday everyone^^


Night lights

It is almost the end of November and some people have been feeling the Christmas is about to come. Cities have been started glowing at night with all the lights decorations, and Seoul is one of them.

We spent last Saturday night to catch some lights, and Tanya loves them very much. It is her first time to see so many lights decoration in the middle of city especially in cold weather. More lights and colors to come, hopefully I could take her again and the temperature should be friendly (I bet not), so more pictures later.

There was the time when I liked to take unfocus lights… and now I found them again…