Last photo session with Martha. The attempt of using makeup.

Inspired by Adele “Hello”.
Talent: Martha Abednego
Wardrobe: Martha Abednego
Makeup: Rika Tri Yunarti
Photographer: Rika Tri Yunarti



Modelling Photography~~~

Since my addicted of photography getting more and more… I tried to take portraits and model.

A lovely, beautiful Iranian gurl, Maliheh became my victim, and she became my first model I think, (except my hub..). Lucky, Mali loves to be in pics, and she can pose, so no need lots of effort for me to do that… coz I don’t know how to do choreography for model.

But too bad that Saturday the weather wasn’t so good. I was about to catch the golden hour but was foggy and cloudy. And the worst is… I forgot to set the ISO, and I used ISO 800!!!! stupid photographer!!!!

Anyway u may check the result here, and let me know what u think about those pics.. enjoY..

PS. Thanx Mali