April 5, 2017

I think I’ll start to rewind all the times hat I had in Korea especially in Seoul to keep my self remember the stories that created from living abroad there.

I always like Mexican food. In Seoul, plenty of good Mexican restaurants especially in Itaewon area. The first time I tasted Mexican food was in Korea and started to like them. Having the real Mexican food in Mexican restaurant in America gave me another better experience. These are some pictures from my last visit to Mexican food (Tomatillo Itaewon). Too bad it was still cold, otherwise horchata would make it perfect. Had a visit of this place with a friend who is currently living in UK to find his passion of life (right? :P). It was closed with a cafe visit (of course).



Last coffee in Korea 

It’s been a month since I left Seoul. Time to review some of things that I like from there. 

There are few of coffee times that I (went) for the last days before leaving Korea. 

From Jeju 2015

Spring 2015, was the first time I visited Jeju island. This island is a Hawaii or Bali version of Korea, that’s what they say. I never really into coming to this island, but got a chance to go there because of a business trip.

Booked a place from Airbnb, I didn’t expect the place would be really nice with view of sea from the front, and a mountain from behind. The place name is Doldam Guesthouse, it is very recommended place to stay in Jeju. This place also serves home made hallabong (한라봉, a kind of orange primarily grown in Jeju) jam for breakfast.

I traveled around Jeju with a friend renting a car. This island is more convenient if we could drive along with a car. We visited some beaches, cafes, and market. The beaches are green-blue-ish color, which is very beautiful when the sun kiss down. As a tourism place, this island is quite nice. A break from Seoul sky scrapers to Jeju is another way to refresh. I feel everything moves slower in this place.

More pictures about my second trip to Jeju is here.  I will post more pictures in another blog soon (I wish).

Another good thing from summer


Minolta X-700, Kodak200. June 26, 2016. Cafe Blute (블뤼테).


How would you like to spend your summer weekend afternoon?

Me, sitting outdoor in a cafe with breezy air while enjoying ice caramel macchiato or tea with a slice of cake and camera, along with family or friends, or both :).  I don’t read books.

Tell me your version.

Early summer

Glad it is summer. I like hot weather and longer day with lights. No heavy jacket, no worried to froze.

And early summer would be like:

Milk ice cream from local coffee shop

The little lady’s first time going to hair salon. She asked for it.

Rose festival

Takoci I like


We found a nice coffeshop with good quality of coffee from awarded barista from 5 Extract.

Joined Boyscout. She is a big girl now.

Found the chicken street.

Of course, beautiful cafe.

Went to buffet Korean BBQ and ate like one.

Blueberry smoothie and cafe mocha from 5 Extract. now we are their regular.

Second hand bookshop in noksapyeong.

Summer breeze during lunch time in campus.

Mojito I like

fish and chips

Afternoon conversation.

Winter 2016 sum up

Just like last year, Seoul didn’t get enough snow during this winter. Maybe only twice the snow felt down, and weren’t that heavy.

For me, I am not a winter person. Snow might be beautiful when it’s falling, the rest is just a mess in my experience. Again, I prefer warm weather.

Here are sum pictures during this winter.


These pics were taken from my campus.

These are during the meetup with FIS.

From favourite spots in campus.

Hope to see more snow next winter, since it might be my last one in Seoul.