My first french toast

 So this is the first time I made french toast. I never thought that would be so easy and simple.

I’m glad with the result, taste good, looks lovely just like when you buy in brunch cafe for insane price (at least for me).

Here is the recipe (works for my reminder), and the amount is up to you:

Milk bread (not too thin slices)





Mix the milk+egg+cinnamon. Batter the bread with the mixture for few minutes. Heat the pan and melt the butter. Fry the battered bread just like a toast.

Enjoy the toast with anything you like. Here I used icing sugar for the sprinkle (most of people use maple syrup), ate it with smoked salmon and scramble egg.

Sure to make it again.


Kim Fried

This food is inspired by my roommate when I used to live in dormitory. Raehyun ( I miss u!) is her name, her mother used to send this food for her.

Let me tell u little bit about “kim”, Checking out from wikipedia.. Nori (Japanesse: 海苔) (Chinesse: 海苔, pinyin; Korean: , kim or gim) is the Japanese name for various edible seaweed species of the red alga. Since I live in Korea so I will call it “kim”. In Japan, kim is commonly used as wrap of sushi or onigiri. In Korea, they use it as wrap or gimbab, some kind of roll food similar like roll sushi… Gim has high content ofmineral salts. It is prepared into very thin, dried square sheets, seasoned with sesame oil and salt.

Last saturday, I just remember that I still kept some kim on my kitchen, and it’s been while I put it there..;P and yes I still have it. Its kinda boring for me to eat kim only plain as usual ( since i can’t make my own kimbab), so I decided to modify it. As I told u in first line of this blog, Raehyun’s mother used to fried kim with some flour, and it’s very delicious. And I tried to make it by myself, but I now It won’t have same taste as Rae’s mom’s tough…;P

Here what I did: (its very easy)

I used the sliced salty kim that already cut, egg, wheat flour, salt, and pepper ( how many spoon?? as u wish..;P)

1. smash the egg,

2. mixed flour, salt and pepper, do it well..;P

3. cover up all parts of kim with the egg.

4. pour the kim with mixed flour.

5. Fried it with hot oil (this one takes very short time, so I have to be very careful and fast) until the flour’s color change into little bit brown.

6. If u wanna eat it soon then its good, but if not keep it in tight cover place.

I like it…;)