January 8, 2016

-Namdaemun flower market, 2016


SeasonS mooD

Born and growth in tropical country, where whole of the year feels like summer and rainy made me always curious about 4 seasons. Spring, where people always wait for…. summer, where people also wait for holiday and beach, sunbath time ( I think I have more than enough for sun)….autumn, where the gloomy feeling comes up… and winter where there always fun with the snow…

Fortunately, I came to Korea where 4 seasons come every year. Now I can see all those feeling i mentioned above.

Where there will be so many flowers around, with all beautiful colors in spring time, inspiring me to take lots of flower pics and macro things.

Where summer with very humid air, that totally different with the summer in my country.

Where leaves turn into red, yellow, and brown, with wind around, very nice color for me in autumn.

Where snow came down falling into the window..cover up all the grass, white color everywhere, and freezing pond where we can walk by.

Now I know All that fell, even though it might different for every 4 seasons country. But from all of us my favorite one is AUTUMN, the color, the scene amaze me, especially for maple tree.. How I love it on autumn, they turn into red…sooo beautiful…


So how bout u? which one is your season??