May 6, 2016

Spring wrap up thru film

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Mostly taken from the place I work during lunch time. It always good to have beautiful view and weather during break time. Gonna miss this.

Taken by Minolta X700, Kodak-200


Winter 2016 sum up

Just like last year, Seoul didn’t get enough snow during this winter. Maybe only twice the snow felt down, and weren’t that heavy.

For me, I am not a winter person. Snow might be beautiful when it’s falling, the rest is just a mess in my experience. Again, I prefer warm weather.

Here are sum pictures during this winter.


These pics were taken from my campus.

These are during the meetup with FIS.

From favourite spots in campus.

Hope to see more snow next winter, since it might be my last one in Seoul.

What so ever from Fall 2014

Things from this colorful season.


A reflection in KosuiIMG_1931

Fall in instituteIMG_1932

Ginko in the institute

Fall startedIMG_1934

the outfitIMG_1935

playing with red leaves of cherry blossomIMG_1936

from where i standIMG_1937

from where we standIMG_1938

ginko ginkoIMG_1939

just another beautiful redIMG_1940

apple cinnamon tea from cafe Gallery BuamdongIMG_1941

crunchy coffee from KosuiIMG_1942

I took a session with gorgeous friend and model from Ukraine (thanks Vika) and this picture was hit by more than 11K view in a day.. yeayyyy me!IMG_1943

A chocolate latte after the session

Morning view from the institute, I should come earlier these days 😦IMG_1945

We visited Sugar Daddy in Itaewon, and loved the cakesIMG_1946

A birthday party of lovely Vika, this lights were at the pub we celebrated IMG_1947

First time explored the Seoul City Hall new building with FISIMG_1948

View of Deoksugung Palace from an observatory (kinda)IMG_1949

from where i stand

she started to recognise alphabets and hangeul furtherIMG_1951

first time I saw black pepper… well black chilliIMG_1952


from the coffee shop corner close to the instituteIMG_1660Autumn in the institute


Berry berry juice

It is the season of strawberry. I could finish a package of them in one time, so does Tanya. Another good thing that is going on here there is blueberry on SALE! I feel so happy, simply because I could not afford to buy it anytime I want due to the price here, andddd… It is fresh blueberry. I got two packages of fresh blueberries and a package of strawberry. Let’s make some juice and maybe blueberry cake later.

Today, Tanya just got recover from fever. We didn’t really know what happened, but as long as I have the paracetamol with me and she still could eat I don’t want to rush taking her to the hospital. For the record, the fever just started yesterday and today she played normally. I and husband shifted to the lab, luckily I didn’t have that much work this week.

The berry berry juice made her so happy and glad to see her back ruining the room with all those toys 🙂

Another good news (for me) is the dawn started to come later means the day is getting longer, and winter should end soon 😛

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