Summer in Jeju island

So, finally we went to Jeju island last summer 2016. This is my husband first visit to Jeju island since we live in Korea (2+4 years), for me is the second one (the first time you can check here) Tanya was really excited to go, because she already heard alot about this island from everyone. It was late July to early August and the weather was too hot. Booked a pension in Seogwipo area, rent a car, we spent 4 days there. Got a visit to Jeongbang waterfall, Mangjanggul cave, Woljeongri beach, Udo island, Camelia hill, Jeju Art Museum is Alive, and Ihotaeu beach. We didn’t really enjoyed the weather but happy to spend times at the beaches, views, and the food also.

Here are some pictures from the trip straight from my phone.


Summer 2016

It was August 2016, early of the month. We went to the famous island in Korea, Jeju island. It’s a refreshing time to spend time at the beach again.

Here are some pictures using Minolta X700.

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Hot Summer Seoul


It has been crazy hot these days in Seoul. 33-35 degree with super humid air that made it even worse. I am a tropical person who hates winter so much, but it this case hard to like the summer here. Back in my country, the highest temperature will be pretty much the same but very less humidity and some breezy wind could make it better. Hiding under the shades or tree will make us better, but here in Seoul, no wind and if there was it would be hot humid wind.

Instead of the hot summer in Seoul, some summer fruits appeared from local or imported products. This is the first time I tasted the fig fruit, and kinda like it. I couldn’t describe the taste but it is good :). We have similar one in Indonesia but have never tried that before, should be almost similar. Blueberry, I can finish a box of them just like eating peanuts…. What is your favorite fruit?

Early summer

Glad it is summer. I like hot weather and longer day with lights. No heavy jacket, no worried to froze.

And early summer would be like:

Milk ice cream from local coffee shop

The little lady’s first time going to hair salon. She asked for it.

Rose festival

Takoci I like


We found a nice coffeshop with good quality of coffee from awarded barista from 5 Extract.

Joined Boyscout. She is a big girl now.

Found the chicken street.

Of course, beautiful cafe.

Went to buffet Korean BBQ and ate like one.

Blueberry smoothie and cafe mocha from 5 Extract. now we are their regular.

Second hand bookshop in noksapyeong.

Summer breeze during lunch time in campus.

Mojito I like

fish and chips

Afternoon conversation.