The Wedding

If you’ve read my previous blog about my cousin’s engagement session (Ayu-Yuyus engagement session), and now here the wedding. The nuptial itself was held on November 4, 2012 but before that day there were few ceremonies held. I and my husband didn’t miss the chance of documenting the processions. The whole ceremonies is kind of traditional Javanese wedding ceremonies. She looks gorgeous that day!

Siraman, the ceremony of bathing the bride prior to the wedding and separately doing between the bride and the groom but starting at the same time. This ceremony is symbolizing the bride and the groom clean physically and mentally prior to the wedding, and also asking for permission and blessing from both parents.

And some snaps from the nuptial

Too bad I didn’t take many pictures for the wedding party. Soon after the party, we left earlier to catch the flight at night arriving Seoul. From all of my love as her cousin, I wish her a very happy marriage life… happy always, and Tanya is waiting for another cousin 😀


Ayu-Yuyus engagement session

It’s a very late posting of my cousin’s engagement session.

A best cousin, why best? Coz’ we spend so much time together, so many stories, even too many…so many common things, and It’s the time for her to catch the new life, a happy new life.

We also worked together with my husband (Suhaeri) expanding our hobby to get more spare for having fun :P. We waited quite long for taking her session, until finally she met her other half.

I posted some of them here.. These pictures were taken in Depok, our lovely university even our lovely faculty :D. For the wedding ceremonies, more to go in other tittle.

Congratulations for you *kiss and hugs..