Winter 2016 sum up

Just like last year, Seoul didn’t get enough snow during this winter. Maybe only twice the snow felt down, and weren’t that heavy.

For me, I am not a winter person. Snow might be beautiful when it’s falling, the rest is just a mess in my experience. Again, I prefer warm weather.

Here are sum pictures during this winter.


These pics were taken from my campus.

These are during the meetup with FIS.

From favourite spots in campus.

Hope to see more snow next winter, since it might be my last one in Seoul.



So, this is another visit day to Buamdong. A friend grabbed me to join her craving day of Buamdong chicken, and of course coffee and chit chat time thru’ the night with the falling snow. We found this coffee shop, the name is LUMBERJACK. I would to go back there.


Not so much snow





The barista with some cakes and cookies


The counter


What we had: Latte, cappuccino, and tiramisu —> all good


Sure I’ll take the pic


And yes another pic


Oh come on…


No regret


The buddy that night: Martha!


Thick foam which I think it’s beautiful ( I know I’m a weirdo)


Some accessories. This place is like a temporary room (but solid enough) that they built stick to the outside wall of someone’s house, and resulted in very unique concept.


Even there is a space for family


This was our spot, right next to the counter and huge window to see the view and falling snow: perfect!


Our spot again from outside


20141212-IMG_2169There you GO! *taken by Martha


Berry berry juice

It is the season of strawberry. I could finish a package of them in one time, so does Tanya. Another good thing that is going on here there is blueberry on SALE! I feel so happy, simply because I could not afford to buy it anytime I want due to the price here, andddd… It is fresh blueberry. I got two packages of fresh blueberries and a package of strawberry. Let’s make some juice and maybe blueberry cake later.

Today, Tanya just got recover from fever. We didn’t really know what happened, but as long as I have the paracetamol with me and she still could eat I don’t want to rush taking her to the hospital. For the record, the fever just started yesterday and today she played normally. I and husband shifted to the lab, luckily I didn’t have that much work this week.

The berry berry juice made her so happy and glad to see her back ruining the room with all those toys 🙂

Another good news (for me) is the dawn started to come later means the day is getting longer, and winter should end soon 😛

1451-2re 1452-re 1456-re 1462-re 1464-re

Momo Cot: another sweet corner of Garosugil

This is the second time I had a chance to visit Garosugil-Sinsadong, the famous street with fancy and cute stores, coffee shops, and lifestyle restaurants. My me time is usually spent in a cute coffee shop with one or two friends. This time I am talking about a cute coffee shop just in a corner from lots of corner of Garosugil dictrict. Momo Cot has the cat theme of cafe. The place is cute, warm, comfy, and quite good coffee, though not as good as the high quality coffee in my definition.



The cornerIMG_4470 IMG_4471 IMG_4472

A cute handmade things just next the coffee shopIMG_4473

The View insideIMG_4475 IMG_4476

Even they have this couch for you to spend the timeIMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4479

The restroom is outside and you get the lock code on the bill receiptIMG_4480

Some pictures of cat, I heard this coffee shop used to have some cats playing inside the roomIMG_4482 IMG_4483 IMG_4485 IMG_4487

My orderIMG_4493 IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4508 IMG_4510

Friend’s orderIMG_4512

And this is Martha who always be there for coffee or FOOD!IMG_4513cute decorations inside

IMG_4498And this one is my favorite thing from this place.